Transportation Signup

Thank you for signing up for Mogadore Local Schools Transportation. We look forward to returning our transportation services. Please keep in mind that you will need to fill out a transportation form for each child who will ride the bus.

REMINDER: Students who are open enrolled or live within the no bus zone are not eligible for transportation. (see map)

High School and Junior High School Students are picked up and dropped off only around the perimeter of the school district.

(Roads that are eligible for transportation include: First Ave, Second Ave, Warner St, Highland Dr, Idella St, West Ave, Sunrise Blvds, N. Cleveland Ave, Saxe Rd, Highline Rd, Ridge Rd, Pheasant Rd, Spring Valley Blvd, Martin Rd, Whispering Springs Rd, Spring Echo Ct, Etter Rd, Lincoln Ave, Grant St, Meadowridge Rd, Marion Ave, Herbert St (west of Somers), Curtis St (west of Williams Ave), Donovan Ave, Norwich Ave, Joel Ave, Seymour Ave, Mogadore Rd. (west of Fenton Ave.)

*NOTE: Students will be picked up at certain locations to be determined by transportation department. Not all students will be picked up directly at residence.